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Your Library Card

Library Cards


How do I obtain a library card?

    To obtain a library card, a borrower must complete an application form and present it to the clerk at the front desk.  Additionally, the borrower must present picture ID and proof of address such as a driver’s license, a current water or electric bill, or insurance cards, etc.

How old must I be to obtain a library card?

    Children ages 5 – 16 must have a parent or guardian sign for them when applying for a card.

How much does it cost?

   The initial card for Gibbs Memorial Library is free of charge.  A $1.00 fee is charged to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed card.

What am I responsible for?

    The card holder is responsible for all materials checked out on his or her card and for all charges incurred by use of the card.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to minimize liability.

Does my card expire?

    No, you keep the same card indefinitely. Accounts are renewed annually by verifying the address on record and paying any fines accumulated.

How much can I check out?

   New members (from getting card to 3 months) are limited to 5 items at one time, 3 of which may be non-fiction.

   After a 3 month period, the borrower may check out a total of 15 items, 6 of which may be non-fiction, limit 3 per non-fiction subject matter.

   A maximum of 8 media items may be in possession at any given time:  no more than 3 each of audiobooks, mediabags, or CDs.

   There is a 4 video per household limit.

   Library materials may not be checked out while there are overdue items or an excessive amount of fines on a borrowers record.

Do I have to have my card with me to check out books?

   Yes.  An exception is made only once every six months if you show valid ID and fill out a short form.

Can I access the library’s catalog from home?

   Yes.  Click here for the online catalog.  Logging in (top right of screen) allows you to  place reserves, renew your books and make purchase recommendations.

  To login you will need your entire library card number and nine digit phone number.

Loan Periods

What are the loan periods for materials?

Magazines                          3 days                   

DVDs ................……….…...3 days      

Books………………….......…3 weeks                   

Audios / Mediabags             3 weeks                   

When you check out, you will receive a receipt with at list of the items and their due dates.  Items are due on date receipt says.


Can you save an item for me when it is returned?

    Yes, borrowers may place a hold/reserve on any circulating item that is currently checked out. The borrower will be notified by phone, mail, e-mail or text when the book comes in and will have one week from notification date to pick up the item.    

    Reserves may be placed in person or online.

Late, Lost or Damaged Books

What are the fine rates?

 Item:                          Fine per day:  

Books                                    $  .10

Magazines…………….....…...$  .10

DVDs                                     $1.00             

Audio /  Mediabags.......…….$1.00

Fines are capped at $15.00.

What if I lose or damage an item that I have checked out?

  You must pay for it. Replacement cost for lost or damaged items are as follows:

Adult Books                    $ 15.00

Children's Books............$ 10.00

Magazine                        $  5.00

DVD ...............................$ 15.00

Audios                            $ 8.00 per CD

Mediabags......................$ 20.00


May items be renewed?

   All library materials may be renewed twice except for best sellers and items on reserve.

   Materials MAY be renewed over the phone (254-562-3231) and online.


Do you have a book drop?

   Yes, the book drop is located on the back of the building.  DVDs may not be dropped in the bookdrop.


Do you have Internet access?

   Yes.  Free internet access is available for all library card holders; card holders under age 17 may use it with parental permission.

   Visitors  are welcome to use the internet while in the area.  After three uses, membership is required.  (It's free)