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Gibbs Memorial Library - You Can Go Anywhere With A Book

Friends of the Library

The Mission of the Friends of Gibbs Memorial Library is to enhance the Library so that it may fulfill its literary, educational, technological, community, and cultural purposes.

The Vision of the Friends of Gibbs Memorial Library is a thriving and sustainable library system accessible to all.

The Values held by the Friends of Gibbs Memorial Library are:

Respect for the diversity of our library communities.

Empowerment of our members and library supporters.

Community by building the social fabric interconnecting various groups and communities.

Ethics and Integrity by adhering to the highest standards of operations and accountability.

The purpose of this 100% volunteer organization shall be to support Gibbs Memorial Library in their effort to provide the widest and best possible service to all the citizens of the City of Mexia and Limestone County. The Organization is empowered to conduct fund raising events, such as book sales, to provide financial support for the Summer Reading Program and Story in the Stocking.

Friends of the Library help support the Summer Reading Program and the Story in the Stocking for our local community.
SRP End Party shown here.