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Books for Children Grant

Library receives grant from the Libri Foundation and Friends of the Library.


The Gibbs Memorial Library has received a grant from the Libri Foundation. The Libra Foundation awarded the library a “Books for Children” grant. The “Books for Children” is a 2-to1matching grant, and the Friends of the Library is our sponsor for $350. The library received 77 books totaling $1051.11, with an additional $350 donation from Hal Berenson & Laura Ackerman for math & science books.  In total the library received $1409.08 worth of math & science books, Juvenile fiction books, and Easy books.
Kate & Elizabeth
The Foundation gives priority to applications from libraries with real need and limited budgets. Funds are earmarked for purchasing books for young people. Successful applicants have proposed purchases to update their collections generally or to expand their holdings in specific areas. The library chose to up-date the Juvenile Science section, to have reference materials available for the “Junior Scientists” in our area for their Science Projects.

Seth The selection was made from a list of award winning books. A bookplate will be placed in each book stating it was donated by Hal Berenson & Laura Ackerman, the Friends of the Library and the Libri Foundation. The library appreciates the foundation’s willingness to help obtain excellent reading and research materials for our young readers and “Junior Scientists” and also for the Friends of the Library's support.  Come see what’s new and check us out!